Launch 'DAA by JBC' Collection Designed By Singer Lio And An Lemmens
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 23rd of November 2012 07:46:42 PM

Today Jean-Yves and I attended the press launch for the second 'DAA by JBC' collection that will be in stores from November 27, with 25% of all sales proceeds benefitting our education center of which Jean-Yves is program manager. The collections have been designed by two wonderful, passionate and very motivated women: for the French speaking part of Belgium singer Lio ("Banana Split") designed dresses and pant suits in red, black and white with the help of two of her beautiful daughters -who also modelled in the campaign and in the TV spots. For Flanders, TV presonality An Lemmens designed a sexy collection of dresses, based on her personal wardrobe which has a touch of the fifties and rockabilly and is very feminine. A sweet details are the tiny foxes and birds on the lining of all her pieces, as she loves animals but it's also a reference to the Dutch words 'vossen' and 'vogelen'- ask your best Dutch or Flemish friend what that means- or use your imagination;-)

Read more about Lio's part of the collection here (in French):

And more about the collection of An Lemmens (in Dutch) here:

The DAA by JBC collection will be for sale from November 27 in allJBC stores in Belgium, also see

Next Tuesday the computer game that the students at our education center designed will also be launched but they will tell you about this themselves early next week. On the photo I'm pictured together with singer Lio in front of pieces of the collection that she and her daughters designed. She's very motivated for the fight against HIV/AIDS, as she lost a lot of friends to the disease-and also because she wants to protect her six children- and all young people- from getting infected by HIV.

Thank you An and Lio from Team DAA and have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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