This Porn Star Always Plays It Safe And Wraps It Up!
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 15th of August 2013 08:32:26 PM

The first porn star we interviewed at the Berlin Porn Festival 2006 was Marcel Schlutt: a German fashion model, photographer and columnist. This guy has a lot of qualities, for besides being a model he is also a star in gay porn. He became known in the early 2000s as the host of the first German gay TV-show. This multi-tasker worked for Levi Strauss, Vogue, New Yorker and many, many more. DAA was lucky to bump into him in Berlin and made it hot for him!


Marcel claims to know a lot of people who are hiv+, especially in the gay scene. However, Schlutt is one of those men that realize the importance of safe sex. This porn star always plays it safe and wraps it up! After asking him about the fact that a lot of porn viewers don't like seeing condoms he replied: ‘ I honestly don't see why people would make a big deal out of this. Wearing a condom is natural, I never mind to wear one. Porn stars should always protect themselves and their colleagues.'

One last word of advice from Marcel: Live your life but always play safe!


In this photo, Schultz is wearing DAA T-shirt customized with tape by artist Dodi Reifenberg.

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