Tick Tock, Your Time Is Running Out
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Monday 27th of May 2013 04:02:49 PM

For all of you that think HIV is nearing it’s end of existence, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA- one of the organizations DAA has supported through the 'Fashion against AIDS' collections/campaigns with H&M from 2008-2012) has a strong message for you. With their AIDS clock they give you information on the amount of infections per country, but their banner basically says enough. ‘Every 12 seconds another person contracts HIV. Every 16 seconds another person dies of AIDS. ‘ Next to this quote there is a number, -and let me tell you: it is a big number – that reflects the amount of people still living with HIV.  So if you  want to be right, if you want HIV to end its existence on this world, the change starts with you. Use a condom, get tested, prevention is STILL the only cure!
Check out the AIDS clock here:  

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