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By: brendadate: 2013-03-14 @ 02:23:03
I want the truth because the poster because I have one because I live not sell tokio hotel stuff and a gift would not change it for anything but hopefully as I choose and Noway bye thanks for doing this
By: Millydate: 2013-03-12 @ 18:07:53
Thanks for make this! I would love to have this poster in my wall!!! Tokio Hotel is my favourite Band and I already have the T-shirt!! would be cool have this poster too!!! :))
By: isabel friasdate: 2013-03-11 @ 16:26:44
I would LOVE to have one poster..!!
By: Carolina Martinsdate: 2013-03-10 @ 01:03:53
I want it!
By: suelydate: 2013-03-07 @ 04:02:48
well i really want it cuz for me is hard to find merch of tokio hotel here on my country and i think that was a great campaing one of the best they do! i also look for the tshirt but i never be able to get it =( well hope i can won one,it will be amazing! thank you for doing this! =)
By: Carolinadate: 2013-03-06 @ 17:30:42
I want it!!! ;D
By: Adriana Tdate: 2013-03-03 @ 18:52:54
My sister and I have been Tokio Hotel fans since 2007, i would love to give her this awesome Poster cause her Birthday is in April and it would be an awesome surprise!!
By: Cemredate: 2013-03-03 @ 09:16:51
I should win for my little brother. My brother is Alien! He loves Tokio Hotel so much. He has got a lot of posters. He is ill. His only request: More posters. Because, he never see them. He knows this. I want to give him a poster.
By: Cirydate: 2013-03-03 @ 04:43:25
I REALLY really wished I could have one of this posters because i cant seem to have luck enough to meet the boys, nor go to a concert., the one i managed to save and spend money for the trip and concert ticket , they canceled it! :( so i lost my money but not my faith and love for their music, style proposal and fun true personalities. What do i have to do to get one?? Love from Mexico
By: Gianella Gutierrezdate: 2013-03-02 @ 04:02:11
Hi!, I´m Gianella and I´m from Peru. I really want this poster because well I love Tokio Hotel and have one of these will be amazing. I´m an alien of heart and I love them . When they made participate in this project I was very proud to be an alien. Thanks you guys :D Kisses from Peru to Designer against staids and to TOKIO HOTEL! Yeah
By: Ewelinadate: 2013-03-01 @ 23:00:51
Hi! Seit 3 Jahren ich liebe Tokio Hotel und ich will ein Bild! Es ist schön. Th geben mir viele Liebe. Th für immer in mein Herz.
By: Diamelly Ortizdate: 2013-03-01 @ 03:31:38
Hola.Soy de Chile,este año cumpliré 46 años y ya son casi 4 años que soy Alien. Me gustaría tener ese poster porque no tengo posters de mis niños. No tengo donde ponerlos y mi marido no me deja,pero prontó tendré mi estudio de fotografía ( soy fotografa aficionada) y me gustaría tenerlo ahí. Será mi espacio y podré hacer lo que desee en el. La decoración será basada en Tokio Hotel, así es qu ese hermoso poster vendría muy bien. Tokio hotel , como para la mayoría es muy importante en mi vida. Ellos para mi son como hijos y yo los amo con todo mi corazón. SAludos para todas
By: Noemi Garciadate: 2013-03-01 @ 00:30:19
I want one because I love Th since i meet them and I] still love them! I miss them a lot and I buy one of these T-shirt! Thanks to them I know you and the most important I know the reason because you do that and support this cause! DDA RULES!!!
By: Stelladate: 2013-02-28 @ 08:19:44
Hi! The poster is beautiful and the campaign continues to be very positive for the youth. The book is very interesting, but I still regret not being able to buy in any bookstore in my country ... It is difficult to find. I would love to have the poster, it would be a rewarding feeling to know that is "Designers Against AIDS" (Sorry for the bad english)
By: Danieladate: 2013-02-28 @ 04:00:23
Tokio hotel la luz que llego a de mi vida :D
By: Kasandra Peñalozadate: 2013-02-27 @ 23:09:13
Hi :-) i would like to win one of these posters because I really love Tokio Hotel they are part of my life and that poster will look so cute and awesome in my room.Please I really want to win Grettings from Mexico
By: brunodate: 2013-02-27 @ 22:58:20
Adorava ter esse poster porque, amo de paixão os th, como nunca amei e amarei alguem. :)
By: Mariana Costadate: 2013-02-27 @ 21:30:26
I wanto to win the poster because with DAA and Tokio Hotel my life makes so much sense! So I decided to put their mark in my room and this is my oppprtunity
By: Dominikadate: 2013-02-27 @ 18:52:52
I want to win this poster because I want to decorate my room. I am a big fan of Tokio Hotel and I am collecting posters. Poster which is to win would be a very important part of my collection.
By: Dominikadate: 2013-02-27 @ 18:52:33
I want to win this poster because I want to decorate my room. I am a big fan of Tokio Hotel and I am collecting posters. Poster which is to win would be a very important part of my collection.
By: Gih Bidate: 2013-02-27 @ 17:45:45
I need because the posters are the few things that I have them and that make me feel close to them. And when I look at the posters my day gets perfect.
By: Tania Lissethdate: 2013-02-27 @ 17:25:55
Hi, I would like to win this poster because I love my 4 german boys, they are meaning so much to me, they helped me a lot since I met them almost 5 years ago and I LOVE THIS POSTER too. Please TH come to Ecuador.
By: Justynadate: 2013-02-27 @ 17:22:53
Cześć, jestem Polską fanką Tokio Hotel. Zbieram różne rzeczy związane z zespołem, a ten plakat byłby doskonały do mojej kolekcji! Bardzo chciałabym wygrać ten plakat i mam nadzieje, że bygram. : )
By: Carla Procidadate: 2013-02-27 @ 16:47:07
Ok, so I’m supposed to say why I want one of these posters… I’m not saying something like ‘I need it’, I just think no one literally NEEDS a poster to live, otherwise I’d be dead I guess. So I’m now explaining why I really want one. I’ve been a fan of Tokio Hotel since 2007. When they took part to your campaign back in 2009, I was delighted to know that my beloved ones where involved in such an important project, plus I really loved the t-shirt they designed for it ! So I really really wanted that t-shirt, but the nearest H&M shop was about 2 hours far from my house, and so I obviously had to ask my parents a ride by car. They were convinced to, but until we were able to take the car and go, meanwhile 2-3 weeks had already passed since the tees had been out in shops. When I finally arrived there, I was so excited ! The huge TH pic was there, as background to the shop, and I was sure to find it but… when I asked, they told me they had already sold all of them… so I came back home sad and disappointed. Then, I got to know about this book with the amazing TH poster in it. I soon went to the most famous and biggest bookshop in my town, but they hadn’t got it, told me it wasn’t there and never will it be, ‘coz they have not heard about it. And so this hope, to find the book and the poster, especially, blew away… Despite 4 years have now passed from the project with TH and the publication of the book, I admit I still look for it in bookshops, even the most little, especially abroad… so that’s, basically, why I really, absolutely desire this awesome poster of the 4 boys who have been my idols since I was 13. I hope you understand… Anyway thanks for the opportunity (: kisses, Carla (:
By: xkaterinedate: 2013-02-27 @ 16:43:59
This poster would be a perfect relique in my collection! These four guys do many things not only for their fans, but also for other people - they want them to keep safe! They are the best and I want to divide their ideas using this spotting poster!
By: Clementinedate: 2013-02-27 @ 16:13:58
Because I want to kiss Bill every morning when I open my eyes ;-D
By: Crustinadate: 2013-02-27 @ 14:47:39
wow! i need it :-)
By: Soniadate: 2013-02-27 @ 13:49:32
I want this poster for watch it every morning when I woke up
By: Jaanadate: 2013-02-27 @ 13:07:49
I need that poster. I´ve listened Tokio hotel since 2007. I still love them. I think I Like their music more and more everyday. Tokio Hotel was the reason why I started studying german. It would be also nice birthday gift.:D
By: Allydate: 2013-02-27 @ 13:00:09
Tokio Hotel is my whole life. I would love to have this one for my wall to shine again.
By: Jesúsdate: 2013-02-27 @ 12:52:36
I need this poster beacuse in this photo Gustav is sooo cute!! *-*
By: Méganedate: 2013-02-27 @ 12:02:32
I want to win this poster to an evolution of the group in my room. And.. I love this poster. Tokio Hotel is my favorite band since 2007. Sorry for my bad English.
By: Trinitydate: 2013-02-27 @ 11:40:52
TH is my favorite band, they are my 4 angels! Switzerland love and wait TH for 2013! We are ready!
By: Chrystal for Street Team Francdate: 2013-02-27 @ 11:33:24
Would like to win one of these posters to make a gift for on of the fans who will come for the 3rd Tokio Hotel Worldwide Day! It would be a great gift :D
By: Annadate: 2013-02-27 @ 11:09:15
I listen Tokio Hotel since 2005. My love for TH always hot. Russia wait TH. I miss TH. We love TH. I want again " hi, we are TOKIO HOTEL"
35 | 35 comments
Today Is The FINAL Day To Let Us Know Why YOU Deserve One Of The 5 Tokio Hotel 'Rock Hard F**K Safe' Posters!
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 13th of March 2013 09:23:03 PM

While we're waiting for the new Tokio Hotel CD and their next tour to start, we decided to clean out some of our cupboards in the office and look what we found: 5 posters of the Tokio Hotel boys wearing their 'Rock Hard F**K Safe' T-shirts that they designed for our 'Fashion against AIDS' collection with H&M in 2008!

The photo- which meanwhile is almost vintage- was taken by Daniel Jackson and was included in our book 'Designers against AIDS: The First Decade!' as a free gift. In the book were also two photos taken by Tom and Bill Kaulitz and many fans bought the book when it came out in 2010. We still have a few books for sale too (they always come with a free poster) for 20€ plus shipping costs; if you're interested, please drop us a mail at info@designersagainstaids.com

How To Win A Poster

If you would like to receive one of these free posters, put your name in the comments section below and tell us why you would like to win one. If you can't log in here, send us your motivation by email: info@designersagainstaids.com. On March 15 we will choose the 5 happy winners and will contact you. Good luck!


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