Valentine's Day: Do You Give A Fuck? Tell Us, Share And Win!
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 12th of February 2014 04:22:45 PM

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, we're sure your FB feed, Twitter etc are filling up with luvvy-duvvy pictures and singles crying out for chocolate, ice cream and love, love, for God sake, LOVE!

We are curious to find out what you guys think about Valentine's Day. So we're giving you three options: #IGiveAFuck, #IDontGiveAFuck and, our personal favourite, #Available.

Share your option with the right hashtag + #DAAforValentine: at the end of the lovers' day we will select three random DAA supporters who shared one or more of these images and we'll send them a gorgeous prize (for the fans of Tokio Hotel: we might give you the option to choose a Tokio Hotel Poster).

Remember sweeties, sharing is caring







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