A Christmas Tree With A Message
Author: Saleta A. I.
Tuesday 2nd of December 2014 01:20:18 PM

To help the fight against AIDS a decorated Christmas tree has been installed in Stadsfeestzaal Shopping Center in Antwerp in a special way to convey a message of awareness: it's a stylish black Christmas tree decorated with 1000 golden condoms, each attached to a red ribbon.



"We not only have a commercial role to fulfill as a shopping center in the fashion capital of Belgium, but we also have a social role," says Steven Bervoets, director of the shopping center. "Today, on World Aids Day, we raise awareness for HIV and the importance of safe sex, with our Christmas Condom Tree."


The Antwerp Stadsfeestzaal has a rich history, was created in the last century and was considered a listed building until a fire destroyed it. The building was restored a few years ago and preserving its spirit as not only a unique shopping centre, cultural events, exhibitions, mini-concerts, fashion shows and competitions are also offered there.


Campaigns like this contribute to make people aware, because it is a place that many people of all ages visit. It's important that the condom is considered as a common object, especially for young people. If you are near Antwerp, don't forget to stop and take a picture with the Christmas tree, share your photo and help to spread the message and prevent new HIV infections.


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