Acting Up In Turin
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 20th of November 2013 03:24:39 PM

Giosef Unito is an association of students that is based in Turin. Their main aim is the promotion of human rights, of intercultural diversity and of non-discriminatory principles. It sounds pretty big, I know, but this is what they actually do, and they do it pretty well.

They also talk about HIV/AIDS related issues, check out this safe sex promotion video. First of all you should notice the nice detail that they decided to shoot the spot in English with Italian subtitles. They think they're worth to go international and they're right.

Giosef Unito thinks the same way DAA does, that simply is "don't be afraid of speak up": if you want to talk about sex, do it without shyness, especially when you are addressing a young audience. They don't say oral sex, they say blowjob. Or, if strap-on-dildos are produced it means that somebody uses them, so there is no reason why you should hide this fact with embarrassment. These are not just funny details, they are something fundamental in the way you present yourself. When you think that it's inconvenient to speak in the same way as those you are addressing your messages to, it's mostly a matter of arrogance. Young people see that and they hate it, as it's not authentic.

This is why I also love this super funny video - also in English - about HIV and Elephants. HIV awareness is also knowing that more than one out of two elephant is HIV+ positive. If you ever thought about some kinky stuff with elephants, please use protection - and find a better therapist. Seriously, talking about HIV is important: if the majority of HIV infections are among people between 15 and 24 years old, it means that youngsters are not aware of the danger of HIV. To remind them in a funny way that HIV exists and that it doesn't only infect humans, is important. HIV is a virus, it works in a tricky way and it's a big danger for who's not well informed.

Guys, you're awesome


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