Are We Still Shocked By Internet Porn?
Author: M. G.
Thursday 27th of June 2013 03:54:04 PM

How come that Walter Pfeiffer, one of the most uninhibited and unconventional photographers from the early 70's, is now worried because of internet porn?

Here is an interview he recently gave to Dazed Magazine that I found extremely interesting. In Pfeiffer's opinion, the easiness in finding online pornography and the huge variety of types available is far from being something positive.



"Today, everything is forbidden," he explains. "Back in the 70's it was more free and people were more open for fantasy. Now, I guess the Internet is killing the fantasy a little bit - or I would rather say the imagination".

Pfeiffer, who was born in 1946, can sound a bit anachronistic or rather conservative, but he is also concerned about the future sexual development of upcoming young generations. Plus we have to admit that he knows his stuff: his first book "Walter Pfeiffer 1970-1980" was one of the first artistic photography publications showing full frontal male nudity. The publication was not accepted at that time, even if it was just the beginning of the eighties.



In 30 years' time the audience changed so much and Pfeiffer's images and style have evolved from being a shocking statement to something slightly erotic. Was that easy, disturbing innocence of the recent past useful for our sexual life or not?



Talking about safe sex: we are convinced that it's more than a simple prescription and we are promoting it as something to enrich sexual imagination. Even it is way easier to talk about sex now than in the past, is it also as easy to have an impact in the audience? This is the way we recently tried during the Brussels Gay Pride and we could notice with pleasure that people is still able to be shocked. Hopefully.






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