As J Lo Says: Let’s Get Loud
Author: M. G.
Monday 24th of March 2014 01:22:18 PM

Today's story is about two extraordinary American women: Pamela Raintree and Jennifer L. Lopez. Pamela is a transgender from Shreveport (Louisiana), the key actor for the approval of a LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in Louisiana, while the Jennifer we're talking about isn't the latina super star of ‘Let's Get Loud' but a lesbian woman from Harlem who really got loud for the LGBT rights.

This January, the short speech Pamela gave in front of the members of the city council of her city changed the mind of the only councilman voting against a fairness ordinance which, for example, protects people of the LGBT community to be fired for homophobic reasons. Pamela brought a stone for Councilman Ron Webb and quoted a line from the Bible that prescribes death for men who "lie with mankind as they lie with a woman"."I brought the first stone Mr. Webb" Pamela said, "in case that your Bible talk isn't just a smoke screen for personal prejudices".

Jennifer L. Lopez was inspired by this genius act of bravery and decided to do something similar with the ATLAH World Missionary Church of Harlem, that has homophobic propaganda as one of its main trademarks - on the church's sign outside you can read lines like "Jesus would stone homos. Harlem is a homo-free zone" or "Obama released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man". The reaction Jennifer received when she came to ask for her stoning is priceless and you can watch it at this link: "I have no stones here right now, come back tomorrow".

Acting up and getting loud is not a way to disturb or to create chaos, it's a way to make people think about their opinion and make them understand the real meaning of what they say. People who kill homosexuals exist but not everybody who doesn't like homosexuals would do that. LGBT haters are different from those who simply repeat what they were thought without questioning. Speaking out asking the right thing is the way to isolate the real homophobic haters and put them in the spotlight for what they really are. Everybody should deal with the responsibility of what he or she is saying and the more influential you are, the more this responsibility grows -with the risk of creating monsters. These two women did something real to protect themselves and others for this to happen!


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