Bali HIV Prevention Workshop Day 1: Presenting Ratna & Cakra
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 22nd of April 2013 05:56:27 AM

We're in Bali for workshops where we want to inform young people (both Balinese and tourists) about the need for safe sex and responsible behaviour. To achieve this, we're creating a new website 'Bali against AIDS', which will be comparable in feel and tone of voice to the website you're on right now, with respect for the cultural background of the people living here.

As one thing young people all over the world have in common is their love for all things pop culture, we'll use that in abundance, next to practical information, short videos and other fun stuff.

This is the first international workshop of DAA/IHAEC and we're very happy with our new students Ratna Wulandari and Cakra Wibawa, both 22 -going on 23- and volunteers at the Bali chapter of IPPA (International Planned Parenthood Association). Right now we're busy translating stories into Bahasa Indonesian and thinking up cool new subjects to write about, so I think the new website will be online before you know it. We're expecting more students in May and until then, these 3 Musketeers will happily soldier on in the fight against HIV/AIDS!


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