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Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 12th of July 2010 03:58:47 PM

IHAEC is opening its doors on the 1st of December 2010 and we are currently looking for organizations that are interested in becoming an IHAEC partner. IHAEC aims to recruit youth through a global network of IHAEC Partners. Partners nominate students they feel are best qualified for IHAEC and act as the liaisons between IHAEC and their nominees. Should your nominee(s) be selected to participate in IHAEC, you will work together to implement the projects s/he developed at IHAEC.


DAA's goal is to align like-minded associations and social groups with the cause of fighting HIV/AIDS through youth education and awareness.

The International HIV/AIDS Education Center in Deurne Belgium seeks active IHAEC partners for the following activities, collaboration and support:

• Recruiting of high potential candidates for 6-8 week residency training sessions at the IHAEC.
• Vetting candidates' level of maturity and aptitude to participate in the programme.
• Collaborating with DAA/IHAEC on launching educational or media projects in accord with the objectives of each partner's local   programme using the know-how and project management skills students will acquire at IHAEC.
• Facilitating travel formalities and administration in students' home countries.
• Actively seeking to generate sponsorship for their students' travel and residency at IHAEC, to the best of their ability.
• Assigning a "godparent" or mentor to oversee and coach students when they return to work on their projects at home.
• Follow-up of students project and continuing activism at home in collaboration with the IHAEC on-line community (with DAA), via global campaigns, and through their own social media and networks.
• Building and sharing networks as an ongoing effort to reach youth in each partner's own context.
• Sharing knowledge as needed to amplify IHAEC activities, teaching, coaching, collaborating, offering special skills or unique cultural inputs. 

IHAEC will make available an on-line platform so tracking a student's progress will not only be easy, but part of the community's regular activity during each 6-8 week training session. Input from home advisors and peers is welcome and will be integrated into the concept of each project we do.

Partners can expect:
• Regular news feeds
• The right to use DAA/IHAEC logo and image in their own marketing and sponsorship efforts, as well as appropriate use of footage and/or press materials as needed to support their home projects (motivated by a clear and concise request).
• Invitations to join global social media missions
• Cross-networking via DAA/IHAEC partner and sponsorship base
• Information and consultancy in order to promote or improve home projects
• Access to the IHAEC on-line community and certain media resources.

Are you interested in becoming an IHAEC partner? Click here to download the application form for IHAEC partners. After downloading and filling out the form you can save it on your computer and send the filled out form to

At IHAEC, selected students from all around the world participate in 6-8 week residential programs that teach them how to develop and implement dynamic, innovative HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns in their own local communities, in collaboration with their IHAEC Partners.



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