Beware Of The Rape Drug
Author: Gladys C.K
Wednesday 9th of October 2013 03:38:01 PM

Know anything about them? Well, you should.

Let’s make up a scenery: It’s Saturday night and Lucy went out for drinks with her friends at the local pub. They start talking to a group of older guys who offer them few rounds of shots. At some point, one of the guys kisses Lucy and she stays with him.

“Would you like to come home with me?” he asks impatiently.

Lucy would love to say yes but she only met this guy few hours ago and doesn’t have any condoms on her so she thinks it’s not sensible.

“Why don’t you buy me a drink for now? I’m just going to the toilet. “ She tries to make up time as she doesn’t want to lose the guy.

When she comes back, she downs her drink and carries on dancing with him.

Next, she wakes up with the sunrise and finds herself by the side of a quiet road nearby, with her dress and tights broken and bruises on her arms and legs.

When asked by the police and doctors, all she can remember is having that last drink and then a massive black-out in her memory. She had no clue who drugged her, what they did with her afterwards or how she ended up on the side of the road.

The end.

Before anything else, alcohol is also considered a rape drug, but the amount you drink is only up to you. There are many different types of the so-called ‘date rape’ or ‘predator’ drugs and they have no smell, no colour, they are tasteless and they can be slipped into your drink (liquid or in powder form) within seconds.

Rapists usually don’t like using condoms, so besides being violated against their will, women are also under a high risk of getting pregnant or getting infected with a STD if they lose their consciousness and are totally unprotected.

Since it’s so much easier to prevent than to treat, here’s some advice for you girls (and for you boys to tell your girlfriend, sister, etc.) to help you stay safe:

-          Always keep your drink with you. At least, have it in your line of sight.

-          Never let anybody buy and bring you a drink; take it directly from the bartender.

-          Make sure you take your drink with you everywhere you go. Friends are not going to watch out for it properly and putting a tissue on it won’t help much. If you have to go outside the bar, ask if you can leave your glass behind the bar.

-          Never accept to try someone else’s drink. If they say “It tastes wonderful!” say “What’s in it? I’ll order it later”. If they bring shots that you didn’t see being poured, tell them you’re too drunk already, or that you’ll have one later.


To conclude my story with something a bit more fun, check out this post about the 16 types of customers that bar staff should be legally allowed to stab in the kidneys.

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