Escaping Into The Internet World Sometimes Makes Perfect Sense
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 18th of June 2014 12:39:11 PM

Most people around the world have at least one interaction with the Internet each day and in industrialized countries Internet is actually one of the constants in many people's life. What I find really interesting is the contradiction in the way you are in real life, with real people, and the way you can be on the web. In fact, if you are in a room with no one around but a computer, you have the freedom to create your own virtual world.
However, it's positive that people rarely have the need of creating a parallel virtual life, since it often represents a method to escape from your actual life conditions. Thus, why live on the Internet when you can have a real life in the real world? I honestly have no idea how to answer this question, but things like social media or Internet porn are virtual, but also can become an everyday habit fast.
I didn't mention Internet porn just for the sake of being trivial - OK, mayby a bit - but because today I came across an article on the independent website Mother Jones that shows some Google Trends statistics about gay porn in countries that are considered to be extremely homophobic, according to a recent study of Pew Research. Looking to the most used keywords for gay porn you discover, for instance, that Pakistan is by volume the world's leading country for the strings "shemale sex", "teen anal sex", and "man fucking man". Kenya is the leader when it comes to "gay sex pics".
We have to consider that in countries like Pakistan being homosexual is a crime, so it's logical that people, if asked, will say that homosexuality shouldn't be accepted by society. If you're not stupid, you'd better continue saying in the street that you will never accept homosexuals and then go back home, turn your computer on and start jerking off watching dudes having fun with each other. This isn't hypocrisy but merely a sense of survival.
This is the second, virtual, life with which information technology can provide people and, from this point of view, it should be considered more as a temporary escape, waiting for the real world to become a better place in which to live for everybody.

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