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Author: M. G.
Thursday 28th of November 2013 02:39:21 PM

‘Look Through Different Eyes' is the concept we have chosen for the online awareness campaign for the DAA & JBC collection by Nicky Vankets.
Luckily, HIV is not something everybody directly experiences everyday, especially in the industrialized countries. On the other hand the HIV epidemic is still a big international issue so, here at DAA, we like to say ‘even if you can be HIV+ or HIV-, everybody lives with HIV'. The risk of infection exists, but there are many ways to protect yourself from it -you just need to know these ways.
Being aware of HIV and AIDS means to change your point of view, by acquiring knowledge about issues like ‘what's safe sex' and ‘where can you get HIV tests'.
This is not the end: HIV is a strange and unique disease because social factor like gender diversity, stigma highly affect the spread of the epidemic.
Change your point of view on HIV, it's not scary as it seems, you just need to learn how.
Check DAA's website to find everything you need to know!
Sex is fun, safe sex is awesome.

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