Helping Mothers With HIV
Author: Marie De Vroey
Wednesday 5th of March 2014 01:15:00 PM
Globally, it's estimated that more than 1000 babies are born with HIV daily, and many of them die before the age of two if they do not receive medical attention. In this case babies should receive zidovudine after birth to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. This medicine protects the babies from infection with any HIV virus that has passed from the mother to the child during birth.
In sub-Saharan Africa, 9% of the maternal mortality is due to HIV and AIDS. In 2009, only 53% of the pregnant woman who needed antiretrovirals (drugs used to treat HIV) received them. This already is an impressive increase from the years before, but in my opinion, more of these medicines should be provided and at a lower cost.  On average only 35% of babies born to HIV-positive mothers received ARV’s in 2009.
These statistics are very eye opening, in my opinion it's a basic human right to get tested in order to be in a healthy living condition. In many countries women have limited access to safe sex methods and therefore to HIV prevention and treatment services. Women should be provided with more accessible resources to combat this disease and to lower the risk of more people being affected by it.
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