Heterophobic Society Kills Straight Children
Author: M. G.
Monday 6th of May 2013 03:11:45 PM

"Love Is All You Need?" is a short movie created and directed by K. Rocco Shields to raise awareness about LGBT issues like bullying, teenage depression and suicide. This short film has been recently published online and has already won several film festival awards. Why this huge success? The plot is based on the classic, old - SAD - story of a young teenager experiencing discrimination at school, incomprehension and misunderstanding at home. What's different - and genial - is the fact that the whole story is set in a fantasy world where being homosexual is the rule, while heterosexuality is considered a sinful deviation. "Love Is All You Need" presents a change of perspective about genders that makes people think in a different way about lives of many LGBT young people all around the world. In this parallel universe heterophobic lesbian mothers will say "I'm not gonna have (my child) exposed to that pervert lifestyle. Men and women living together... it's a sin that makes me sick just thinking about it. So... revolting... Honey can I have some more bread?".



The whole story is based on true events of real people. It testifies how hatred and misunderstanding can tear apart the lives of youngsters whose only fault is trying to be themselves, to love in the only way they can. Being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is not a choice. The cliché of parents saying: "This is just a phase that you're going through. You'll grow out of it" is just a reassuring lie for who can't accept the simple fact that people have their own unique sexuality. Our feelings belong to our deepest inside and make us unique individuals.



Every society, where children or youngsters still hate themselves and feel guilty for who they are, shouldn't be considered as a completely developed one. Therefore I'm afraid to say that we're still living in a primitive world and I just hope that one day people will understand that respecting each other means first of all to every way of love, since LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.






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