Imprisoned African American Youngsters Write A Comic Book On HIV For Their Peers
Author: M. G.
Friday 24th of May 2013 02:40:19 PM

Today's topic is "AIDS In The End Zone", a graphic novel created by youngsters from the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. Under the guidance of professors of the University of South Carolina, the authors - who will remain anonymous - wrote and drew a story to raise awareness about HIV, especially for young people of the African American community. I think this is an example of how to co-operate in a smart way in order to create an effective campaign. No-one is better in talking about HIV to youngsters than youngsters themselves, moreover people experiencing a process of social rehabilitation can be really helped by dealing with such an important subject.



"We wanted the book to be written by the target audience. It was important that it was written in the local vernacular. What can two middle-aged white women tell African-American teenagers?" said Kendra Albright, an associate professor in USC's School of Library and Information Science.
The story is obviously about teenagers in a High School and you can definitely expect a harsh and sadly true story to read, since you know how difficult being a teenager can be. Nonetheless the happy ending is even more true since it's about how HIV+ people can live a healthy and successful life even though they have to live with their status - read the full plot. The book will be used first within the public library and school system of the county and I really hope for the authors of this project that it will become the success that it deserves to be.








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