Ladies, You Are Allowed To Say NO
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 13th of May 2014 01:36:14 PM

Ladies, let me tell you something. No man is worthy of you if he refuses to use a condom during sex. They will give you any excuse in the book, of course: “Don’t worry, I’m clean”, “You’re so sexy, I can’t wait. Let’s just do it”,  “It’ll feel better without”, “Can I not wear a condom” ...and I could go on and on and on. Oh wait, I forgot the best one of all: “I can’t wear a condom, because it doesn’t fit”. BULLSHIT. Check out this video in case some of you have forgotten about it.

If they have any common sense they will be prepared at all times and simply agree with you not to have unprotected sex- ever. We all know how easy it is to get an STD, or HIV for that matter. And we all know how hard we are trying to fight these diseases.

As a woman you do have rights when it comes to your body and ‘sharing’ it with another person. It’s you who decides when, who and how you sleep with them. Not someone else. It’s you who is supposed to protect yourself from harm. And of course it is you who should enjoy yourself without a care in the world. So for that, stand up for you rights and your choices.  

Girls, you should really embrace these rights you have and not take them for granted. Make the correct decisions about your sexual health and empower yourself. The next time someone refuses to use a condom, give him a piece of your mind so that he never EVER considers it again, until you are ready for it and both of you know it's absolutely safe. Not a second sooner.



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