Like A Speech Over Troubled Water
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 15th of August 2013 08:20:57 PM
On September 3th  2008 I gave a speech about DAA's work on the ferry from Sweden to Finland, invited by Clowns without Borders for an audience of international HIV/AIDS prevention/awareness professionals. Before the speech, there was a small show by acrobats wearing 'Fashion against AIDS' t-shirts by Katharine Hamnett and Scissor Sisters and there was even a spot of breakdancing going on- not by me, I hasten to add!
In fact I was happy I could stay upright most of the time, as even a ferry as big as this one -it could house up to 3000 passengers plus crew- moves about quite a bit while at sea. The people on board were lovely, lots of new connections were made and the food was delicious? 
Did I get seasick? Not on the boat, but once I was back on dry land in Stockholm the next day, I did feel a bit queasy. Hopefully the next conference will take place on terra firma, but otherwise this is an experience to be repeated!
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