My Trip To Holland
Author: Rafael Dieste
Wednesday 10th of December 2014 10:57:44 AM

 One of the advantages of EVS is not only learning a new culture, but it also gives you the possibly to travel around Europe and it allows you to get to know many countries. What I like about living in Belgium is that were connected to so many different countries and it allows me to travel to so many places.
A week ago, my EVS friends and I took a trip to Holland. It was very cheap to buy a bus ticket from Antwerp to Amsterdam (only 30 euros). After three hours of traveling, we arrived in Amsterdam. The first thing that shocked us was the cold. It was November and we almost froze to death. The city was absolutely beautiful. All the Christmas lights were on. After leaving the hostel, we had a walk around the city and we visited an enormous park. We had some drinks in different bars and in one of them there was a band playing jazz music. That was our first day.


The next day we visited Anne Franks house and Van Goghs museum. They both were very crowded. Another thing that shocked us was the red neighborhood’ -it was very shocking for me. The only good thing about our hostel was that it was close to the bar area, so we spent all night going from bar to bar. The best part of this was seeing the live bands. It was a very successful trip. What an exciting experience!
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