New York Concert On World AIDS Day By U2, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen...
Author: Rafael Dieste
Thursday 4th of December 2014 10:35:03 AM

Last December 1st was World AIDS Day and many activities were conducted worldwide. One of the highlights for me was the concert performed in New York by the Irish group U2. The legendary group has for many years been involved in various humanitarian and social causes and this year, they organized a free concert in Times Square to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. If you have been following the news, you might have read that Bono, singer of the band had a bad bicycle accident recently which meant he could not perform. So U2 was joined by two of their friends: Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Bruce Springsteen.
Check their performances here:


U2 Performing With Chris Martin (World AIDS Day Concert)


U2 & Bruce Springsteen - Where the streets have no name

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