Older Ugandans ashamed of buying condoms
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Friday 10th of May 2013 03:44:42 PM

This was revealed during a two-day workshop held in Kampala whose theme was preventing HIV/AIDS among the older people and mitigating its impact in multi-generational households. According to John Charles Orach, chairperson of National Network for Older People in Uganda, the pandemic among old people is on the rise in the country because the ABC strategy (abstinence, be faithful, use a condom) is failing them. Orach also said that some elderly people find it embarrassing to go to shops to buy condoms because most people who sell condoms are young adults who often laugh when an old person asks for a condom:

"Of the ABC strategy, the C would really work for the elderly but the problem is the stigma they get from shop counters that sell condoms. The moment you say you want a condom, the person selling it looks at your face and when they notice you are old, the seller laughs and asks where at your age you are taking the condoms."

Orach said that a survey carried out in 2008, seeking to know how many older people knew about HIV/AIDS preventative measures, showed that 90% of the older persons in Kasese said  they had never used a condom and were not aware of the safe sex preventive measures.

Of course, this needs to change. Orach called upon all stake holders to increase the sensitization among the elderly informing them how they are also prone to catching HIV/AIDS, educate them about the use of condoms and making them available in places they can access without being laughed at. Because we all know, being responsible is not a joke! 

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