One-Handed Condom - Not Only For Clumsy Guys
Author: M. G.
Monday 30th of June 2014 04:43:29 PM

The video I want to share with you today shows the innovative design of a condom wrapper that can be opened using only one hand. Quite cool, uh? The project, by the British designer Ben Pawle, was selected and exhibited in 2012 by The Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
One-handed condom is a part of the wider project ‘Preserving Human Dignity', and it focuses on a 1 million dollars question: how do I open a condom if I can use just one hand? Even if this can sound like a silly question, Pawle thought about the importance of an innovative design for a condom wrapper able to help people affected by physical problems. It's the same old story, you don't really focus on something like having two hands as soon as you don't lose the possibility of using one of them. And this happens quite often, like for instance with people affected by Hemiplegia. The designer quoted on his website a 19 y.o. Hemiplegic man: "I have found ways to hack many routine tasks but opening a condom remains challenging. You're not supposed to use teeth and it would have been weird to ask her". Putting a condom can be a weird situation even for inexperienced young men without any motion problem, in fact the One-Handed Condom isn't a banal idea at all.
Design deal with the problems of real people and it's pretty awesome to see that even a tiny project like this can have such a positive impact in the life of someone.

Important update:
We just received an email from a kind follower of ours who is also a medical doctor working with sexworkers. She wanted to share with us a comment and rightly pointed out that the video we show with this entry isn't completely correct: you can clearly see that the top of the condom, once it is put onto the cylinder, contains air. This isn't the way to wear a condom, you must close the top of it with the fingers, to create an empty reservoir. If the reservoir is full of air, there is an higher risk for the condom to rip. This is something people often forget, thus it's never bad to repeat it one more time. Thank you dear doctor! She also wrote that she loves our website and follows it to read about recent news and updates and we can't be happier with supporters like this,who give us constructive feedback too. Never too old to learn!

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