Our 'Asia against AIDS- Back To Zero: Indonesia' Workshop Is Gaining Speed!
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 11th of May 2015 02:28:25 AM

Last week we started our first workshops for our project 'Asia against AIDS- Back To Zero: Indonesia' with two students from Jakarta: Dita and Dila, two young women who studied PR and Communication and who are helping us set up this new social media platform- and learning a lot about HIV/AIDS along the way!
I feel that for them it's important both on a personal and a professional level to see how much impact getting (or not getting!) the correct information can be on their health and happiness- and of the health of millions of other young Indonesian people.
Indonesia is at number 2 right now in the Top 10 list of countries with the highest rise of new HIV infections and we have to do everything we can to stop this sad evolution. We're teaching Dila and Dita all there is to know about HIV and safe sex, how to contact celebrities to ask them to help promote the new platform to their fans, how to share every new article as much as they can on Indonesia's most popular social media, etc.
This week the girls will get a free HIV test and they will also visit our partners at Bali Kids, a NGO that cares for Bali's poorest and sickest children- many of whom lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. We are also helping Bali Kids with a new HIV/AIDS teaching module which they will use when visiting young people in remote areas all over Bali. Our hope is that these initiatives aimed at young people will happen all over Indonesia, Asia and the world sooner rather than later.
Please help us by liking & sharing our new Facebook page 'Asia against AIDS- Back To Zero: Indonesia' and check our latest articles on www.indonesiaagainstaids.com It doesn't cost you any money, takes just two minutes of your time and will help us spread the news to even more people. Just do it. Terima kasih ('thank you' in Bahasa Indonesia)!

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