Our New Student Matteo Is Greeted With... A Condom Lei!
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 15th of January 2013 01:05:56 PM


Hi I'm Matteo. How are you all? 

I’m from Modena, in Italy. I studied design in Milan and I’m doing my European Voluntary Service project here in Antwerp with Designers Against Aids.
I arrived at the IHAEC Education Center just yesterday evening. What an amazing place! I’m going to stay here until the beginning of June so I think I will write a lot on this blog.

All I can talk about so far is my arrival at the Antwerp Central Station. I was walking in the entrance hall looking for someone of the organization. Then I saw two girls holding a DAA sign in their hand: they were Ayke and Nikola and they welcomed me with a necklace made of CONDOMS. This is their style, nice uh? I have to say I lost this piece of art already in chaos of arriving, but I'm gonna look for it since I'm sure it wil be useful... 





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