R3bel Tells The Truth On HIV
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 5th of June 2013 05:07:36 PM

R3bel Films is an emerging collective of directors, editors and photographers that produces video communication of many kinds. Their last project is an extremely intense HIV/AIDS awareness spot with African-American actors. As always, the easier the message you give the greater the effect. And let me tell you, this video gets straight to the point. With 34 million people infected in the world and a new infection every 12 seconds, defeating HIV is the world's most significant health challenge. Even if African-American are one of the most endangered community, you just can't think of HIV as something related to somebody else. Everyone needs to face the real conditions and take action individually practicing safe sex and being aware of their own health condition - saying that will never tire us.

Enjoy the video and share it, ok? This is also a great way to take action against the disease, since before the action you always need to be aware about what you're doing and why.



Ps: it is also pretty amazing that they chose to show an Extra Large condom instead of just a normal one during the short sex scene of the spot. As we already said, there is not an excuse, they make XL condoms and Jumbos too. If you don't use it, don't forget you're hurting others with your choice. It might be your choice, but sex is a party of two.


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