Selamat Pagi From Sanur
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 21st of April 2015 05:52:51 AM

A few days ago we arrived in Bali after quite a long and tiring trip to prepare for our first workshops for 'Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero'. For this multi-year project we are creating dedicated social media platforms for Indonesia, India and China and Indonesia is the first country where we will implement this. The idea is the same as you know from Designers against AIDS: a website, Twitter handle, Instagram, Facebook page etc, but where we only use international pop culture here, for the Asian countries we will mix in local culture and information as well.
The information will be written in English and the most important language of the country and we're here training young people, with the idea that one of them can become the social media manager for their country.

* By the way, did you know that among the 10 countries with the fastest rising amount of new HIV infections, 6 are to be found in Asia?

As both my husband and I have a curious nature and also want to talk with the people living here, we booked a language course and will immerse ourselves in Bahasa Indonesia for the next months. Teaching and learning are the best things ever!
You can see what happens from next week on -check it out please!

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