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Author: Marie De Vroey
Thursday 6th of March 2014 02:45:00 PM

Through my research about HIV and AIDS I came across many forums where people find support and advise in the form of forums and chats. These forums are very useful and helpful at giving advice, and keeping morals up. They are used for people that are HIV positive, or have friends and family, that struggle with this disease.


It is a reminder that they are not different, as many people are active in those conversations, having experienced difficulties coming from the disease. They help ‘newbies’ learn from ones that have had much experience.


It is like a cheap psychologist, providing free therapy sessions. It is  very eye opening to see how many people are willing to help others, and pass down information. So if you, your friends or family suffer from this disease, and you need to talk to someone that has had this experience or you just want to describe your feelings, just sign up on one of the forums such as I Am HIV Positive.


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