Show Us Some Cattitude
Author: Saleta A. I.
Monday 17th of November 2014 03:28:38 PM

At the headquarters of Designers Against AIDS, there are four cats as part of the family: Ziggy, Spooky, Mouse and Smiley. Although all of them share certain characteristics, they are silent, respectful and sweet, everyone has a different personality: Ziggy is chubby and playful; Spooky is like a tender mother; Mouse is elusive but friendly and Smiley is the most independent. Since yesterday we are visited by a new cat in the garden, we don't know if this cat is lost or is a wild cat, for now here he is receiving food, while we are waiting to see if his owner appears. We know that cats are the internet's stars: they like too much sleep, anywhere and anytime, play and get into cardboard boxes. If you've ever wondered how a cat sees the world we share this funny video for you.

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