The Battle Is Fought, I Am Going Home Now
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Friday 15th of March 2013 03:56:23 PM


Today is my last day. Everything is finished and I'm ready to go, just one last unresolved thing to fix. Yes, I mean the sexy competition.

Normally today would be the awesome final of this great battle of the sexiest sex, but my opponent has thrown the towel in the ring.

Oh yes, she gave in, she couldn't handle the overwhelming power of me and is struck by grief to see me leave.

So that's it then, the sexy competition is over on a bit of an anti-climax.

It felt a bit like this... Imagine the Lord of the Rings. The final battle before the black gate, the ultimate climax between good and evil, man and beast and Sauron, the bad guy's lord would say: "Yeah, not really feeling it. I'm calling it of, you've won."

Of course the good guys are pleased, me in this situation, although calling myself the good guy would be a bit much, but the viewers who just sat through 9 hours of film all coming together to this point are quite dissapointed.

But don't be, there is much much more of fun stuff coming up from the Designers Against AIDS offices. Like a movie for a competition for 'Yahanet' -and you still have a week of blog-entry goodness coming from Indra in which she can explain why she revoked the challenge.

So now we come at the point where I have to write a fitting last sentence. Problem is I am not that good a writer, I can't write all the emotions, experiences and the things I've learned in this one sentence. All good things come to an end and leaving those things behind is just another path we all have to walk sooner or later. The only thing we can really hope for is that at some point we can look back at the road we walked and be pleased about it. I know whenever I look back at the past eight weeks I will have a smile on my face and I will be pleased. 


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