The Condom Fairy - Lucky Students In Boston
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 12th of March 2013 12:13:57 PM

The Condom Fairy... isn't she lovely?! Boston University's students have the opportunity to get free sexual health supplies, just by asking them from the Condom Fairy. They only need to write an email to the university's Student Health website and wait for the little fairy to come with her gifts, together with a letter and some sex advice. "Dear student, you've just been visited by the Condom Fairy. I really like your ‘condom sense' and your decision to practice safe sex" - I really like you too, Fairy! The students also receive some pamphlets about the right attitude toward sex in general, that ask the students some simple questions like "Am I sober enough to have sex?" "Did I ask for permission?" "Is my partner free to leave or to say no?" "Did I express what I wanted?". Young people don't need to just receive materials to have safe sex with, they firstly need advice about sex in general, and what's better than a little smiley fairy for this? Oh yes, sure... DAA, obviously.

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