The Power Of Ideas
Author: Saleta A. I.
Friday 12th of December 2014 03:21:59 PM

At the Designers Against AIDS education center we have workshops frequently. Today we had a visit by Wessel Van Eeden who spoke about how an idea can be materialized and become a great project in which many people are involved. He and his friend Dennis founded Dance4Life: thousands of people in different countries dancing for the same cause: fighting AIDS. They managed to involve many people, educating them in a fun, upbeat way and helping thousands of others. Also in terms of efficiency these kind of projects are much effective than formal education because people take part actively. Wessel talked about the difficulties they had in the beginning, trying to get artists to join the project, but they didn't stop their efforts until they got what they wanted- not unlike the start of Designers against AIDS. One of the most important aspects is to be tenacious to develop the original idea to get sponsors to help you realize it. It was also great to learn that it was our founder Ninette Murk who persuaded Maxi Jazz of Faithless to join Tiësto for a special track for Dance4Life, that was played millions of times and has raised a lot of money for the charity.


Right now the two innovators are developing the project Just Digg It to improve the greenification of the earth and trying to reduce climate change. In dry areas, the soil is so hard that rainwater cannot seep into the ground. Instead, it simply flows across the surface. By digging ditches, the rainwater can be collected and penetrate the soil. The surrounding areas become green again, which enables the climate to recover.


Both Dance4Life and Just Digg It are highly valued by us -and considering that some of us interns were born in Spain, where we have serious problems of desertification in the south, we hope that "Just Digg It" will be a big success soon! It has been a very motivating time this morning, Wessel has really inspired us a lot and we are very grateful to him.


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