The Secret Sex-O-Meter
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 13th of November 2013 02:58:47 PM

Someone Like Me is a campaign by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation in partnership with Durex. The aim of this project is to make young people talk about sex and sexual health by sharing personal stories: "From blow jobs to pregnancy, we want to talk about it all. This is sex education without the boring bits. We want to stimulate an honest, inspiring and fun conversation." This is a brilliant idea, but we all know how talking about sex in front of others can be difficult and to do that in front of the Internet community is even harder.

That's why the Secret Sex-O-Meter - that has nothing to share with the Gay-O-Meter -, is an amazing idea to encourage youngsters to say how they experience sex and what their habits are when it comes to sex. It's just a simple list of things you usually do or don't do and people are free to say on Facebook how many of these habits are part of their sexual lives.

There aren't any right or wrong answers, nobody wants you to have just one partner or have sex only if you're in love. Nobody is saying that cheating is wrong either, it's between you, your partner and your conscience - just consider that, when you cheat, eventually you'll also pay the consequences in some way, so be ready for that.

Just one thing about always carrying a condom: I know that it can seem smart to have always a condom in your wallet - you never know when you'll have the chance to have a quickie. On the other hand, condoms are fragile and to keep one always with you is a risk for them to be damaged. Think about that!

By the way, the Sex-O-Meter is really working, a lot of people already commented so it's already possible to have an idea about how young people live their sexual experiences just by clicking on this Facebook pic.


PS: my score is 4.


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