Think Positive?!
Author: M. G.
Monday 21st of January 2013 10:03:44 AM


What I really like about campaigning on HIV/AIDS themes is the effort to change the common perspective about the matter. When you use the word POSITIVE referring about AIDS you mean just HIV+, and it is far away to be something good. By the way, there is nothing as positive as safe sex and positive attitude, positive feelings, POSITIVE CAMPAIGNS are the best way to deal with a theme like AIDS.

That’s why I am going to talk about POSITIVE? an UK organization that offers both teaching as well as learning tools in order to deepen the understanding of the HIV/AIDS problems and to increase the awareness of its social impact. I think that the name of this organization clearly shows its intention.

I believe that any kind of communication process relating HIV/AIDS has a high educational value given that prevention of HIV disease is closely connected with change in the audience’s point of view.

Positive?’s website ( ) gives documentation for teachers and students. The former can find materials useful to communicate the different ways of affection and prevention as well as to talk about discrimination. The latters can find information, interviews and interactive activities. Furthermore, thanks to these tools students are given knowledge that enable them to develop an original campaign to advocate for people with HIV. I was quite surprised when I read this because that’s exactly what I am going to do in the next months here at Designers Against AIDS. In the “CAMPAIGNING” section of the website you can find a short guide about different aspects of a HIV campaigns: the context, the critical analysis, the challenges involved as well as ways to design an effective campaign and eventually evaluate it. This youtube video ( ) is about the audience of HIV campaigns, and it is just an example of the value of the information that Positive? gives.


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