You Should Give A F*ck!
Author: Mirela Cosic
Thursday 17th of April 2014 11:06:46 AM

Let’s talk about condoms today. As we all know it is THE best way to prevent HIV/AIDS, so I think spending some extra time researching them is a great idea. And I’ve come across some interesting stuff. Like for example: L.Condoms and Pop art funky condoms in Kenya.


First of all let’s talk about the L.Condoms. these babies were invented by Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist who was motivated by the effect HIV/AIDS has on girls and women. Talia is also our friend and a great supporter of DAA. Girls and women are increasingly becoming victims of the virus and there is a lack of access to condoms which also affects their life’s quality. Talia wanted to create more access to condoms. This is why she created L. These condoms are more natural and less chemically harsh than others (the latex comes from a tree) . The branding of L. is also more “female-friendly”. The best part of the L.condoms is that for each purchase in the U.S. they send a condom to Africa. Talia sells the condoms in stores and on her web store, the condoms get delivered to you directly. Now she also wants to target the ‘last - minute – hot – sex’ kind of people. These condoms will be delivered by teams of bike messengers within the hour. A plus is also that it will happen very discretely, in black bags. You can make an impact and help ‘world changing sex’.


You guys know how at DAA we try to reach people by using pop culture? Well in Kenya a local NGO did a similar thing.  As a ‘Commercial communication’ student I’ve learned some things about campaigning and brands, so the packaging of a product says a lot. This is also why big brands such as ‘Nutella’ often have special edition packages, they get people’s attention. Why not do the same with condoms. The Center for African Family Studies (CAFS) teamed up with Michael Soi, a Kenyan artist, to create a pop-art inspired packaging in order to promote safe sex and raise HIV/AIDS awareness. The designs were eye-catching,  bright colors were used, even glow in the dark effects. These packages are very fun and funky and they actually disguise the condoms. It makes people more comfortable to buy them because it’s less obvious to see what they’re buying. 




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