Its funny how time goes by so fast in some occasions and slow in others. 
At the Designers Against AIDS education center we have workshops frequently. 
Last December 1st was World AIDS Day and many activities were conducted worldwide. 
To help the fight against AIDS a decorated Christmas tree has been installed in Stadsfeestzaal Shopping Center in Antwerp in a special way to convey a message of awareness: 
Free The Nipple is a film directed by Lina Esco -she also plays one of the characters - and is inspired by her campaign, addressing societal taboos about the public exposure of female breasts. #FreeTheNipple became viral when Miley Cyrus, a friend of Esco, tweeted a picture supporting the cause to denounce inequality and censorship in the US. 
At the headquarters of Designers Against AIDS, there are four cats as part of the family: Ziggy, Spooky, Mouse and Smiley. 
This weekend I have enjoyed one of the advantages of volunteering in another country, the opportunity to discover not only that one and yet those around it. 
It's been a month since my arrival and I can say that I have adapted to both work and life of this small town, Deurne, next to Antwerp. 
Seat belts are important when driving a car- over half of people who died in a car accident in Belgium last year didn't wear one. 
A blog that has the aim of promoting healthy behaviour amongst youngster must spend some words about smoking. 
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The International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) is DAA's training center in Antwerp, Belgium. IHEAC hosts international students, teaching them how to set up successful HIV prevention and awareness programs, using the same pop culture based methods as used by DAA. The students take this knowledge home, to build up equally successful campaigns in their countries of origin.



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