Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 26th of June 2011 04:14:25 PM

Raised in Senegal, growing up wasn't always easy for singer-songwriter Akon and music was what helped him go through his challenged youth, thanks to his father, a musician who passed on his passion for music. Akon turned things around: instead of seeing difficulties, he saw the possibilities. But music wasn't the only passion his parents passed on, both of them were -and still are- social activists. Now being a successful artist he wants to give back: to Africa in general and to Senegal in particular.



His foundation Konfidence raises money to give Africa a future. All money goes to schools, technology, awareness- and education programs for youngsters in Africa. We are very happy to introduce Akon and the Konfidence foundation as a new DAA friend! Have a look at this video, where Akon himself explains his vision.


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