Gentry de Paris
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 31st of December 2009 10:45:20 AM

She looks like she could be painted on the side of a bomber and dances like Zizi Jeanmaire. En pointe or in 12 cm stilettos, The Porcelain Pin Up From Paris wows audiences all over the world with her distinctive style of American “Smooth” Burlesque. A classically trained dancer in jazz, ballet and modern dance, Gentry is a Burlesque purist in the strictest sense. Her acts are heavily influenced by Busby Berkley musicals and are infused with traditional Hollywood glamour . With her 45cm corseted waistline and corset that sparkles with real diamond dust, Gentry de Paris is a firecracker onstage and off.


Born in Hollywood, this petite pin-up has called Paris home for the last 11 years. Gentry is credited for having established the Burlesque renaissance in Paris.


Gentry is the founder of the “Ecole Supérieur de Burlesque”, Paris' first Burlesque school

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