Important Message About Our Tokio Hotel X Safe Sex Slogan Competition
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 28th of May 2012 05:12:19 PM

May 29 would have been the final day of our Tokio Hotel X Safe Sex Slogan Competition, but because the interest was so extremely low, we have had to cancel the contest and we have sent the money back to the three (3) fans who took part during the last 3 months. Maybe not enough fans have read about the competition, or having to pay 2 euros to take part to the competition was the stumbling block for some fans, or possibly you didn't like the subject of thinking up a safe sex slogan for DAA, we can only guess what the true reason is.  It was a difficult decision to cancel, but sometimes you just have to admit it when things don’t work out the way you planned it at the start.

Meanwhile, we still have those gorgeous Tokio Hotel prizes here and we will think of another way to get them to the most loyal Tokio Hotel fans in the near future. Please keep following our website, so you're updated. And remember: Rock Hard, F**k Safe!




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