Mick Traen works his Logo magic for DAA
Author: Gianluca Musillo
Wednesday 27th of October 2010 11:30:12 AM

Great, powerful advertising. Mick Traen has been working mainly as an advertiser and here at DAA we had several chances to experience his genius. Check out this special Friend of DAA's website! He's an eclectic artist, whose creativity ranges from graphic to poetry and music, although his 'first, last and deepest passion' is movie making (don't miss his videos). When we mention Mr. Traen, we're also talking about the artist who created our logo - yes, the amazing DAA logo is his creation! Mick actually granted our organization a tangible, graphic face. He is currently in Spain but plans to move back to Belgium in a short time. And we can't be but very happy about this!

Mick Traen has collaborated with big names such as Toyota, Seat, Allianz, to name only a few. He is also committed to social, musical and many other types of advertising.

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