My Mission To Give Lady Gaga Her DAA Book In Barcelona
Author: Guille I.S.
Monday 10th of November 2014 01:40:56 PM

Paws Up Barcelona!


What a joyful weekend I had in Barcelona. I finally made it into Lady Gaga’s concert. My dream came true. Two years ago my mom bought two tickets to see her in Chicago. One of the most special Christmas presents I ever had. But sadly the day before the concert Gaga announced she injured her hip and she couldn’t keep on with the Born This Way Ball. I was devastated. But this time I finally got to see her and I have to say she was amazing. She truly knows how to put on a show.


While my friend and I were on the subway on our way to the stadium it was funny how we could guess who was going to the concert. “This one’s wearing a pink wig. She’s definitely going to the ArtRave.” “This guy is wearing fishnet stockings… ArtRave.”


Like I said, the show was absolutely incredible. She sang her newest album ArtPop along with some of the hits, and even a cover of the song Bang Bang, from Tony Bennett and Gaga’s jazz album. I loved it. At some point, Gaga’s adrenaline was so high that she decided to jump on the crowd. We all stayed dumbfounded looking at the screens. It was very funny to see Gaga’s bodyguard running to put her back on stage. He seemed so preoccupied.


On this trip to Barcelona I was on a very important mission. That mission dictated that I had to try to give out to Lady Gaga (or a bodyguard) a copy of our Designers Against AIDS’ book. After the concert had ended I tried to find someone, but all the security guards wanted the crowd to leave the arena. There was no possible way to continue with the mission. Sadly, the mission failed. Maybe on the next tour…?



In any case I had a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to see her again live. Thank you Lady Gaga for making this weekend to be unforgettable. You are sensational. 

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