Pierre Thomé de Souza
Author: Sam Van Praet
Sunday 4th of March 2012 02:05:28 PM


The most recent member of DAA's Circle of Friends, Pierre Thomé de Souza, lives in Rio de Janeiro and is the director of the fraternal organization Casa Thomé de Souza, which is present in 34 countries and 27 Brazilian states. Pierre Thomé de Souza graduated in Marketing Management (ESPM), he received the Thomé de Souza Medal of Cultural Merit in the Degree of Commander awarded by the Federation of Academies of Arts and Letters of São Paulo for his contributions in social and dissemination, development and promotion of Ethics and Leadership in Brazil. With his skills he is now going to set up a new DAA department in Brazil, because the number of HIV infections there are rising again. Thomé likes the way DAA works and is going to spread HIV/AIDS awareness like we do here, using the support of celebs, companies and media. We think it’s a great initiative and we wish the new DAA departement the best of luck!


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