The Pleasure Principle
Author: M. G.
Thursday 28th of March 2013 09:00:37 AM

Betony Vernon, designer of erotic jewelry and author of the new book 'The Boudoir Bible' has just sent DAA a video message about the importance of safe sex. The 'Boudoir Bible' was published by Rizzoli International last month as her invitation to prioritize the invaluable benefits of a healthy sex life. This came as a result of her anthropological research, confrontations with couples and individuals and moreover from her experience as a designer of erotic jewelry - here is the video promo of the book. On Betony Vernon's website you can find her line "Paradise Found - Fine Erotic Jewelry", a collection that debuted in 1992 and whose main goal is to dismantle any kind of pleasure taboo. My favourite piece ? The Ostrich Feather Leisure Tickler. So classy. We're happy for her to have become another Friend of DAA and a supporter of our cause!

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