Tom & Bill Kaulitz Of Tokio Hotel Turned 24 On September 1
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 2nd of September 2013 11:27:22 PM

September 1 was an important day for Aliens (the name for Tokio Hotel fans) all around the world, as twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz of popular band Tokio Hotel turned 24 years old. After taking some time out and moving to Los Angeles, the twins have been hard at work in the studio working on their new album -that will come out later this year- with the other band members Georg Listing and Gustav Schâfer. As many DAA supporters know, Tokio Hotel has played an important role in raising awareness about HIV/AIDs and safe sex among their fans during and after they participated to the second edition of Fashion against AIDS with H&M (the photo you see here is from that campaign) and we hope to work with them again very soon. Happy birthday boys -and thanks to all Aliens for their continuing support of our work!

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