What’s new, Katy Perry?
Author: Gladys C.K
Wednesday 6th of November 2013 04:55:31 PM

We love to follow up on the lives of all the celebrities that have worked on any of our projects and see what’s going on with their busy lives.

This time, I decided to check on Katy Perry after listening to her 2010 single “California Gurls” last weekend. I loved this music video from the first time I saw it long time ago. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the board game Candyland, the video is filled with cupcakes, gummy bears, ice cream, cotton candy, lolly pops and Snoop Dogg playing as the bad guy. I personally think it’s great (and yummy!)

So, how is our California gurl doing at the moment?

During the end of last year, Katy started working on her new album Prism, commenting that she had all its structure planned and she knew exactly how she wanted it to be and at the same time she would never try to surpass her previous album, which is a very clever statement I think. When you’re happy with every aspect of your work ethics, there is no need to constantly try to prove everyone else you can always be better than before. Good quality and consistency is the perfect combination.

In August this year, she released her third fragrance Killer Queen and presented “Roar”, her debut single for Prism, which reached the Billboard Hot 100 #1 in just one month. At the end of October, Prism was released and Katy will be back on tour in May next year to promote it.

In the meantime, she also worked with UNICEF in Madagascar, assisting children with education and nutrition, appeared in the video clip “Chime for Change” campaign to help spread female empowerment (click here to watch this awesome inspirational short video with some of the biggest celebrities), gave her voice to a character of The Smurfs movie, co-wrote and recorded a duet with John Mayer and performed at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, iTunes Festival and Saturday Night Life show with Bruce Willis among other events such as being nominated for "Best Female" and "Best Pop" at the MTV Europe Music Awards happening in Amsterdam in 4 days. Earlier today, BBC Newsbeat has revealed that she is now the most followed person on Twitter, overtaking Justin Bieber by 24,000 followers.

Katy Perry is a fellow supporter of several causes such as breast cancer, AIDS and help for the people in poverty. She became a friend of DAA when she designed a beautiful body and a tee with the clever message ‘It’s what’s on the outside that counts’ for our famous project Fashion Against Aids. Do check out this video to see her and other artists talking about their designs and views on HIV awareness. Tokio Hotel is there too by the way!

I really love it when big celebrities like her use their public image to promote charity work and get personally involved with social causes, trying to make the world a better place.


So guys, check out her new album Prism, especially her music video Roar which sounds pretty damn awesome!

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