A-List Actor From India Is The First To Endorse Condom Use
Author: Mirela Cosic
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 11:03:16 AM

Ranveer Singh chose to approach a condom brand for endorsement because he thinks sexual well-being is very important. Hindi film star talks about why he took on this product.

He says that he was immediately on board to do a condom ad. He always wanted to endorse a product that has an impact on society and on people’s well being. HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancies are big problems and need to be addressed. Ranveer decided to approach ‘Durex’ because he believes they have a global legacy and are global leaders when it comes to sexual well-being. He wants to promote a product of good quality. Isn't that a great idea. 

Ranveer also believes that because he has a certain connection with youth that he should spread awareness about safe sex. People need to be educated about sex and need to be aware of everything that comes along with sex. Ranveer thinks it’s awesome if he can help doing this. 

Ranveer being very comfortable with his sexuality, thinks that he is a good person to do an ad for condoms. He also says he always carries one in his wallet. Keep that in mind people, wallets are good places for condoms, carry one.


Now, this is a great way to help create awareness. We all know how everyone always looks up to at least one famous person. They always attract more attention to things. Go Ranveer, you gorgeous man! 

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