Alicia Keys Teaches Women About HIV/AIDS
Author: Indra Moonen
Friday 22nd of March 2013 04:14:41 PM

Alicia Keys has been supporting the fight against AIDS for a long time now.  For her newest project she is working together with 'Greater Than AIDS' and together they've launched the campaign ‘EMPOWERED’. This campaign is targeted at girls and women in the U.S. to tell them more about  HIV/AIDS.  The campaign has been released on the National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 10) and during the campaign Keys will have conversations with women that are HIV+.  The point of these conversations is to stir up a discussion and to let people talk about HIV more openly.

We at DAA think that this is a really good initiative: we all hope that the campaign will catch on and that HIV will get talked about a lot more. Since there are so many young people that are infected with the HIV virus every day, it’s a real shame that people still think the subject is taboo. Only by being open and fighting the stigma, you can fight the disease-  and by always using a condom of course!

Watch the conversation and learn more about the campaign here:

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