Banjar Against Aids
Author: Dila Amalia
Wednesday 6th of May 2015 08:30:20 AM

New cases of HIV infections in the Indonesian city Banjar are increasing. In 2014 there were 80 cases and this year until now (May 2015), there already are 86 new cases. These rising numbers made the Mayor of Banjar,  Ade Uu Sukaesih, concerned and made her realize that the government has to do something to stop this from happening in the future. The mayor, in cooperation with local NGO’s, held a meeting to talk about reduction efforts and the prevention of new HIV infections in her community. One of the things that they’ll do is to educate all the communities on the dangers of HIV/AIDS as well as work on prevention and control of new HIV infections. Socialization will also be made, to reduce the discrimination and stigma towards HIV positive people, as this negative attitude is still going strong in parts of Indonesian society. Love and care are all we need to reduce both the stigma and the spread of HIV virus, and The Mayor of Banjar has shown this. Let’s do something to reduce new HIV infections!


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