Bearded Men In Dresses: Do's And Don'ts
Author: M. G.
Thursday 15th of May 2014 03:29:22 PM

Conchita Wurst, the bearded queen that won the 59th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday, is shaking the souls of many around the world. On one side you see the gay community celebrating this victory with joy and pride. At the same time many public authorities in Russia, who already started condemning Wurst's participation from the very beginning of the event, are now warning about the cultural decadence of Western society: "Yet one more step in the rejection of the Christian identity of European culture". These are the words of the Russian Orthodox Church speaker Vladimir Legoyda and, according to his worries, there is a big chance we're all probably going to hell, guys. I'm really sorry, but the Bible says that. Actually I don't remember where precisely the holy text refers to cross-dressers and singing contests, but apparently it doesn't really matter. And it's not even relevant that 16 years ago Israel won the Eurocontest with the song ‘Diva' by transsexual singer Dana International. Or that the bearded Jesus himself also wore flowing robe (not sure if he had a good singing voice though).

What's really impressive is the fact that the biggest singing contest of the planet, that is also one of the symbol of Europe's united and tolerant spirit, has always received an immense support from the LGBT community. For the organizers it would be such a nightmare if all homosexuals suddenly stopped following Eurovision: that would be a disaster! In fact the Tolmachevy sisters, representing Russia, received a pretty bad treatment from the public in Copenhagen, as they were supposed to hold on their 17-years-old shoulder the responsibility of their government about the anti-gay laws and the recent events in Ukraine.

Now the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is paying the consequences for some of their statements by being ridiculed worldwide through Twitter: Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov tweeted a picture of priests wearing full ceremonial robes with the message: "The ROC categorically opposes bearded men in dresses!" and now the tweet is going viral.

The catholic church is now advancing from their previous conservative position about gender identity and you can expect the same to happen in the future with the Orthodox church. Maybe this won't happen soon but this is the trend guys, you'd better face the reality. As lovely Conchita said "We are unity and we are unstoppable".


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