Business School Students Against AIDS
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Friday 20th of March 2015 11:56:31 AM

Today two girls of the United International Business School in Antwerp came to the education center. Why? Well, they chose as their assignment for their classes in Event Management to promote our online charity webshop with a special event, together with 4 more students from their class. Awesome, right?

The two girls who visitied us are Ellis van Heumen and Linda Tilkin and together with the other students they will organize a pop-up event for us somewhere in the city of Antwerp. It is still to be revealed where exactly and I'll have you know that it's all very exciting indeed!

First the students showed us their ideas and a cool presentation. After that, we made sure they knew everything there was to know about DAA and our amazing stock of designer clothes and accessories. They were really motivated and interested in our work and we're certain that it will turn out to be an amazing event. Curious yet?

We still want it to stay a bit of a surprise for you guys, but you'll learn more soon enough. So... see you there?

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